Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Affordable College?

Affordable College is a Public Benefit Corporation. Our mission is to help you save time and money on your degree by helping you get the most credits when you transfer.

Why does the Affordable College App exist?

Because students are losing billions of dollars in credits every year. The Affordable College App helps students get transfer credit information in the form they need it before they make the important decision of where to transfer.

How does the app Work?

  • Use the App to request your credit evaluation.
  • Send an unofficial copy of your transcript to
  • Wait while your request is fulfilled by the right people with the right information.

We’ll notify you when your requests are ready. When you log back in, you’ll see how many credits you have remaining to complete your degree at each of your prospective transfer schools.

Does it cost anything to use the App?

Not unless we save you time and money on your degree and only after your credit evaluations are complete.

It costs you nothing to request your credit evaluations using the app. When your evaluations are complete, only then will you be asked to pay a one-time $49 fee. We guarantee you will get more credit using the app.

How does the guarantee work?

If you don’t receive an offer with more credit from schools using the app, we’ll refund your evaluation fee. If you find another school that will give you more credit on your own, show it to us and we’ll refund you. You will only pay if we save you time and money by helping you get more credit.

Are fee waivers available if I need it?

Yes. If you are in a situation where the evaluation fee is a hardship, email us at We will not let your ability to pay stand in the way of you getting the transfer credit you deserve.

What schools does Affordable College work with?

Affordable College works with all community colleges and 4-year institutions across the United States.

How many transcript requests can I submit?

There is no limit to the number of schools you can request credit evaluations from, but we recommend keeping your requests to under 5 to start.

How long does it take to get an evaluation?

For some of our Verified Transfer Friendly Schools, it could take as little as a week. For schools we haven’t verified, it will vary. You should generally expect all schools to get back to you within a couple of weeks, but some schools just don’t get it. If you find that a school isn’t responsive, that might tell you something about the school.

Does Affordable College help with financial aid or scholarships?

Affordable College is focused on making sure transfer schools give you credit. All questions regarding financial aid and scholarships should be directed to your transfer school.

What do I do when my transcript is evaluated?

Take a look and see how they compare at different schools. Talk to those schools and tell them that you’re getting credit from a lot of different schools so they will give you as much credit as possible. You will also be contacted by each of your prospective transfer schools for next steps in the application and admission processes.

What if I need help from Affordable College?

Simple, email us at and one of our Affordable College Advocates will reach out to you.