Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Affordable College?

Affordable College is a Public Benefit Corporation. We support students, community colleges and universities on their separate, but connected paths to success. We work to change the odds for students and the community colleges that support their paths to bachelor’s degrees. Our goal is to ensure education is affordable, and that the path to success is supported and lossless with regard to cost and credit transfer.

What schools does Affordable College work with?

Affordable College works with community colleges and 4-year institutions across the United States.

How many transcript requests can I submit?

There is no limit to the number of schools you can request credit evaluations from.

How long does it take to get an evaluation?

For some of our Verified Transfer Friendly Schools it could take as little as 24 hours. For schools we haven’t verified, it will vary. You should generally expect all schools to get back to you within a week.

How much does this cost?

That is the best part! This is totally free to all students.

Does Affordable College help with financial aid or scholarships?

Affordable College is focused on making sure the money and time you have spent on your current courses is counted in your educational journey. All questions regarding financial aid and scholarships should be directed to the transfer college.

What do I do when my transcript is evaluated?

Take a look and see how they compare at different schools. Talk to those schools and tell them what you learn so they will give you as much credit as possible. You will also be contacted by your transfer school for next steps for application and admission processes.

What if I need help from Affordable College?

Simple, email us at and one of our Affordable College Advocates will reach out to you.